Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Work is a funny thing... When you don't have any, you're bored, you waste your time and to top it all, you don't have any income flowing in. So whith a prospect of a job, you get excited, you feel like this is exacyly what you need, you're ready to take on the world. Suppose you get a job, any job really. Ah! What a feeling of self fufilment! Then, inevitably, you realise: " wait a minute... Does this mean I acctually have to work? No one mentioned that!" Suddenly, all that time you used to kill doesn't seem so fruitless... Insted, it takes on the proportions of someting esencial, you start being protective of it. However, as soon as you're free again, (guess what?) that time is once again going more or less down the drain and boredome settles in. Thus, the patadox of work.

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