Monday, October 11, 2010

Apples and Contentment

Today was a simply beautiful day, the perfect weather for apple picking. And apple picking I went. I'll spare you the details of fawning over baby goats at the mini farm near the orchard, tasting apples from every tree and climbing ladders (and trees) to reach the finest prizes. Instead I wanted to make a reflection about the road home: we got in the car, my four friends and I, and for the first ten minutes of the drive we just... sat there, quietly, simply content. It has happened to me many a time, when, upon returning home from a trip, even a short one, I would just quiet down, sinking in all the day's experience and excitement. Afterwards, one of two things happen, you either fall asleep or you get into calm conversation with your companions But these first moments of serenity, that come after an active day, are pure bliss.

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