Thursday, October 21, 2010

Simple Food

Ever since I started studying at Dawson College, the odd-timed breaks, the lack of "lunch companions" and the proximity and variety of fast-food restaurants got me steadily addicted to what I call "out" food. I don't know what they put in that stuff, but it's seriously addicting. Some days, when I would be at home, I'd find myself opening a full fridge and closing it right after, longing for "out food". Thankfully, I managed to ween myself off this stuff, because it was becoming too much for my wallet and my body. Now, I still eat at fast-food restaurants obviously and rarely pack a lunch, but at least I can appreciate home-made food fully.
I no longer consider "out" food to be tastier than what I make at home, it's simply an alternative to save time. In fact, I find home-made food absolutely delicious. Even the simplest foods can
taste twice as good as anything you could get at a fast-food restaurant. For instance, today, I made myself fried potatoes and sour-crout salad (very typical Russian food) and enjoyed it as much as I would enjoy any gourmet food, and much more than my usual "out" food.
Simple married delicious and had a party in my mouth.

If you're interested:
The potatoes were simply fried over medium fire on vegetable oil (if you can get sunflower oil, it's even better). Add a bit of salt to taste and, if you so wish, chopped onions. Beats french fries any day (unless said fries are made into poutine, it that case it becomes a different dish and can't be compared).
The sour-crout was store-bought, but I add grape-seed oil and red onions to make the taste pop.

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