Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Once again, foiled by marketing. Well this is embarassing. I can not believe how easily marketing and advertisement gets to me and my only relief is that I'm aware of it and trying to overcome the temptation that always arises.
As of this morning:
Advertisement: 1
Anna: 0
For a while now I've been avoiding SecondCup drinks as I find them far too sweet. Personal oppinion here. It's just that, if you're going to pay that much and not enjoy it, it's not worth it. That gets me to this morning: while waiting for the photo center to open, so I can re-do my Opus card, I thought of getting a coffee. Right near the place is a SecondCup. Ok, I think, I'll just get a small regular coffee and put in it what I like... Little did I know that I would think otherwise as soon as I walked in. In front of me, barring half the enterance sits a poster portaing a tempting looking pumpkin latte.
"Ohhh! Look at that" says a little voice in my head.
"No, I reply, it's too sweet, I don't like their lattes anymore, and they all taste the same"
"But you haven't had one in ages! Come on!"
Damn you little voice! You're too easily distracted by pretty pictures and you have the attention span of a gold-fish allong with the stubbornness of a mule! Of course, against my better judgement, I got the pumpkin latte. Now, some ten minutes later, I sit here writting, trying to distract myself from the thought that a simple coffe would have been so much more satisfying. Don't you worry marketting, I'll get back at you!

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