Thursday, December 16, 2010

Comme dans les films

I realize more and more that real life is just like they show it in the movies. No, I don't mean that you can save your friend from a fatal fall by clinging on to his pinkie; I don't mean that some random guy will pop out of nowhere and slow-motion karate-kick the robber in your house; I don't mean that a heroic love interest will burst into a burning building to, bare-handedly retrieve your cat. What I mean is, these things happen: fires, robberies, love affairs, divorces, earthquakes, domestic violence, that's to name a few. These this happen around you. They're not just some far-off reality in the news or some Hollywood invention or part of an harlequin novel. They are there, around you. I personally know people who have suffered every one of the things I mentioned, and I myself have witnessed a couple in my life.

Realizing thins makes me see that life isn't as constant as it may seem. It makes me see the importance of living in the moment. If you're happy in the here and the now, it doesn't matter what happened before. or even what will happen after.

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